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Australia & NZ

Many people think of Australia and New Zealand as fabulous tourist destinations with great scenery, good weather, exotic animals, exciting activities and friendly locals.

However it is not as well known that these countries produce world leading technology in biotechnology, communication, medical equipment and other areas.

It is very easy to do business here because English is the spoken language, there is a western business culture and a fresh view of the world. Advanced, open economies, and two of the most stable political situations in the world lead to a very attractive business environment.

Australia and New Zealand nurture world class education systems and produce comparitively large numbers of highly trained engineers, scientists and technicians. Historically, the countries have been remote and therefore these technical people, by necessity, have become broad skilled rather than narrowly specialized. This means that innovative solutions are often discovered with smaller teams. As the world has become smaller through rapid transport and communications, it is possible for other parts of the world to tap into these skills.

We hope that this section introduces you to the comparative advantages of doing business in Australia and New Zealand.