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GPC Electronics invests in new equipment

Sydney – November 2010

The trend to place smaller foot-print components continues as designers need to populate more functionality onto smaller PCB real estate.

0402 components were once considered to be at the leading edge of electronic package miniaturisation, but packages of 0201 and 01005 (0.4mm x 0.2mm) are now available.
GPC Electronics has invested in specialty SMT equipment and processes to address this advance in technology. Currently one of GPC Electronics customers has developed a high reliability telecommunications product that requires placement of 0201 devices in high volume.
Having the best available equipment is only part of the equation. The real competitive advantage GPC can offer are the skills, techniques and knowledge associated with making the most of the technology. This, in turn, allows us to provide our customers with the best solutions.
One of the major challenges faced with placing such small components is achieving consistent print and release of solder paste onto tiny PCB pads. This issue was solved by GPC’s technical staff through a combination of advanced stencil design, deployment of appropriate solder paste and dedicated under-board support for both PCB printing and component placement.
To date, GPC Electronics has placed more than 7 million 0201 components reliably with a first pass yield of 99.7%.
For more information on GPC, please contact:
Christopher Janssen
Managing Director
GPC Electronics
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