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Delivering complex electronic manufacturing projects with a partner you can trust.

We manufacture to international quality standards

We have the capability to understand your product in detail and can therefore discuss improvements in design, components, specifications to improve yield and/or optimise performance.

We make it happen
Founded in Australia over three decades ago, now with factories in Australia, New Zealand & China; our expertise, commitment and focus make us your perfect EMS partner.
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Our capabilities

In a fast-moving tech world, to stay ahead of the game you need an edge. No matter the size or complexity of your project, we offer cost effective, flexible and reliable electronic manufacturing solutions to deliver exceptional products.

“I was very impressed with how GPC’s quality team implemented a group Quality Management System/s without any deviations.  This results in a very well-run company with any issues communicated between China and Australia resolved as one integrated team.  It was a real pleasure auditing GPC China as this is the first time I could not find non-conformances / improvement opportunities on both systems (ISO9001 and ISO13485).” Jack Poon, P Eng. Ontario,
Lead Auditor, SAI Global
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